GeoSpatial Solutions


As a full-service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions provider, specializing in custom platform development, we provide ongoing support and an array of services for any platform, delivering results you can count on!

  • GIS Program Planning & Development

  • Geodatabase design, development, integration and maintenance

  • Data Conversion and Management

  • GPS Data Collection and Inventory

  • Printed and Electronic Cartographic Solutions

Cartographic Solutions

We leverage the latest in GIS technology and resources to provide the very best cartographic solutions for local governments, utilities, and private industry in operations and maintenance and a variety of asset management situations.

The process begins with an accurate base map, following requirements mandated by jurisdiction and client product specifications, referencing all data and layers to the appropriate state plane coordinate system.

Thoroughly reviewing the most appropriate data sources, ensuring proper geo-referencing, accuracy and relevance, ensures our maps are consistent and reliable every time.

We work with you through this process, on any type of database, file link, or by creating the necessary data from available information.


Land Management

We follow industry standards to convert and rectify existing parcel maps to digital format to ensure that your project meets or exceeds state mandated requirements.  All maps are referenced to the relevant state plane coordinate system, and aligned to the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

Asset/Inventory Management

Accurately referenced geographic data in a GIS is the perfect tool for any maintenance contractor managing daily operations.  

Water, gas, electrical, and road networks benefit immensely when all assets are identified and georeferenced, saving time and money on existing maintenance, and enabling proactive improvement budgeting and planning.

We can help you identify a system that meets your needs, cataloging valuable geographic information on all of your assets, providing you with a complete and manageable inventory.

GIS Maintenance

Do you need assistance maximizing your return on an existing GIS system?

Let us provide you the resources to maintain the value of your investment!  We offer scalable solutions to accommodate any budget.


Ready to make your GIS available to a wider audience?  We can help with that, implementing a web Mapping Solution specific to your needs.  

WebGIS is the standard for data access and distribution.  Our implementation experts can identify a custom solution enabling access at any level, from internal only to fully public or any hybrid. 

We can build, maintain, and host on your servers, or help you discover a hosting solution to fit your requirements.